Our Services

Creating a plan to give to your community in a thoughtful, strategic way not only feels good, it’s good business.

Thinking thoughtfully and strategically about where you would like your charitable dollars go helps build and support your brand. It creates goodwill, visibility in your community and improves your company’s image.

Your customers care whether you give or not.

Thoughtful giving helps build your relationship with customers and potential customers. Your customers want to know you care about your community; people want to do business with others who share their values.

It’s easy to give thoughtfully! Choose one of our service options, or let us individualize a plan for you.


Thoughtful Level

Need only the basics? We'll create helpful Giving Guidelines for donation requests. 


Planning Level

In addition to creating Giving Guidelines, we'll build a donor application process to streamline donation requests.


Personalized Level

We'll create a complete Thoughtful Giving Plan based on your needs and specifications.